How to Buy and Sell NFT collectibles

Instructions on how to Buy NFT collectibles

Select the NFT collectibles you want to buy at Explore.
Example: A Deep Dive Into #5
Select Buy Now
Confirm the payment and select Process To Payment
Follow Steps
- Approve: Done → Confirm
- Purchase: Start → Confirm
Now you have successfully purchased NFT collectibles!
You can now go to My Collectibles to check out the NFT collectibles you have purchased.

Instructions on how to Sell NFT collectibles

After creating, you can sell NFT collectibles to make a profit and earn royalties.
Go to My Collectibles, select the NFT collectibles that you want to sell.
Example: Minar Dogecoin
Select Put On Sale to set the sale price
Enter the selling price … TWIN, select Next Step.
Follow steps:
- Sign Sell Order: Sign
Now you have successfully put your NFTs on sale!
You can go to Explore to check the products for sale.
Last modified 5mo ago