How to create NFTs

Step 1: Connect wallet (Metamask)

Visit the homepage:
Select Connect Wallet
Select wallet (Metamask for example)

Step 2: Create NFTs collectible(s)

Select Create
Choose Single: if you want your collection to have only one copy;
Select Multiple: if you want a collection with many copies
- Select Choose File
- Instant sale price: Enter the price you want to sell (Service fee 2.5%, Cooperation fee 17.5%)
Example: If you sell a piece of work for $100, you will receive $80.
- Unlock once purchased: Content will be unlocked after a successful transaction
- Choose collection: create your own collection
- Enter Categories, Name, Description (Optional),…
- Royalties: Percent of the copyright you want to receive
- Number of copies: Number of copies you want
→ Create Item
Follow steps:
- Upload files: done
- Mint token: Start → Confirm
- Sign sell order: Start → Confirm
- Go to My Collectibles → Created: you will see the product you have just created
Last modified 5mo ago