Twinci AMA x UpBots
On May 13th 2021, Twinci team and Twinci representative: Ms. April — Public Relations Manager of Twinci, had a chance to have an AMA with UpBots Community with the theme #NFT world and Twinci’s future development plans, to give fruitful information about the Twinci project — the first NFTs social marketplace on Binance Smart Chain.
At this AMA, Ms. April directly greeted the community and provided detailed information on Twinci as well as answered all the questions made by UpBots Community.
Time: 03:00 Paris time on Thursday, May 13th, 2021 Venue:
Neil: Hello everyone. First off I'd like to say a big welcome to April from, our guest today on the AMA
April: Hello guys, so nice to be here today ☺️☺️☺️
Neil: I'm excited I love doing these AMAs with super interesting projects and it's been a while since we have hosted one in this group with an external party but it's definitely something we will do more in teh future. welcome to all the new joiners 😊
Neil: So before we get into the real questions @aprilpTwinci - do you want to introduce yourself?
April: Hello everyone, I'm April, P.R. Manager of Twinci. It's my pleasure to be here today with UpBots community to talk about Twinci development plans and also the NFT world - a trending topic now.
Neil: Thanks April. Okay great. Lets dive in 😊. You guys are an NFTs Dapp. What’s your definition of NFTs?
April: Yes, the word NFT is a popular term, but not many people think about what it really is. For a long time, people have attached emotional and aesthetic value to physical products, and are willing to pay a lot of money for them. Furthermore, digital products often cannot have the same value because they are easily copied, shared, and stolen. However, NFT technology changed that, by creating a single, official version in the form of a digital product on the blockchain, allowing artists, musicians, and influencers to earn more money. For us, NFTs is the way we help fans get to buy authentic items from their idols and for artists to get permanent royalties for their works. that's what NFT is to us.
Neil: yeah its certainly a massive and I believe seismic shift in the way we think about copyright and definitely in how artists in particular can monetise their work. Can you please introduce your project and the problems you want to solve / Solutions you are proposing ?
April: Sure ;) . Twinci is the first NFTs social marketplace, where you can Create, Sell and Collect digital works that are kept safe by blockchain. We are on Binance Smart Chain with Interoperability, Cheap Transactions and fast Transaction Speed. Twinci aims to connects content creators with artworks hunters and create an ecosystem for buying and selling digital products in which KOLs have permanent royalties and collectors can verify the origin of the products, and trade them to generate income. About the social feature, Twinci provides users with the ability to interact (by following each other, catching up with the updates from others in newsfeed, react to their NFTs), donate tokens to their beloved ones and more than that. Before, users usually experience very high fees and lagging processes when minting an NFT because many traditional marketplaces are built on ETH chain. Our Dapp has managed to solve these problems while remaining the best of the NFT technology. The social feature we are integrating is a plus point to make us stand out.
Neil: That sounds really cool. Social is where the people are in technology these days and tied with art in particular is what initially caught my eye when I looked at Twinci. 😊
April: thank you! that's what we think too.
Neil: Could you also give our community some recent updates on “Your Project”?
April: For sure. We do have a lot going on, and we expect having more in the next phase to come. Some milestones of us recently:
We got top 1 social signal on for a while.
Our community is a passionate crowd (over 20k members) and we got an AMA with Binance Community and UpBots team on 12/05, which is yesterday. We’re one of the few NFTs Dapp that has full features and we’re pushing our marketing plan right now. Our IDO was in 16/04 and we’re still growing everyday. Also, you can find out more here:
Website: Twitter: Medium: Youtube: Whitepaper: Documents: You can find the tokenomics in our whitepaper or at IDO program:
That’s the big events. We had many small but memorable milestones like 20.000 members on Telegram, 10.000 followers on Twitter, and many of them. It’s all thanks to the community and we really appreciate it.
Neil: yeah that is FOR SURE! We were absolutely blown away by your community yesterday. I've done a lot of AMAs and I've never seen that kind of engagement before which means you guys are doing something really really great. That's amazing!
Neil: Okay I have a whole bundle of questions for you next that sort of felt like they belonged in a group. What's the focus of the now? Build and develop products, win customers and users or partnerships? Are there any plans to burn or block unsold tokens? How do you control cost and security? Answer any or all as you please 😉
April: Sure ☺️. We are focusing on building a social network of NFTs where users can earn money by creating and trading NFTs, in addition to that, they can also interact with each other like Instagram social network and receiving donation tokens for creating NFTs favoured by others We have a professional and powerful team to develop all 3: building products, expanding customers and partners. We locked our own 3 million tokens for a year. The value grows according to the number of users and their needs, because in the Twinci ecosystem, everything is paid with TWIN token. Twinci will schedule a product audit when we reach 10k users.
Neil: That sounds great. I'll leave any follow up questions on those partiular topic points to the community. As a marketing guy I noticed that you have a lot of community events to reward users. In addition to PR for Twinci, what other value do you expect from these events, and will there be any more exciting reward programs coming in the future to keep everyone engaged in the project?
April: Yes for sure we really try to concentrate on the community ;) In addition to marketing purposes we also want users to experience the platform and give us feedback so we can make it better in the future. There are 2 programs that we are running: 1. Wednesday NFTs: users create NFTs and share it on Twitter. Winners with the best NFTs got the prize of total $1000, and the event is renewed every week. 2. Lucky NFTs: 1 lucky user who buys NFTs issued by us will receive a reward of $1,000
Neil: wow nice! How do you determine what is the "best" NFT?
April: We will decide by both the community vote and judging by an advisor board ;)
Neil: Alright...moving on...What about the supply of Twinci? Can you tell us more about tokenomics and your Roadmap?
April: For sure ;) I bet it's what our users want to know the most too. We have a total supply of 5 million. Take a look at this graphic for more details about our tokenomics:
Neil: yeah it's all about the tokenomics 😂😂
April: We are very much on schedule, now is May of 2021. You can take a look at our Roadmap here: We're coming closer to Q3. More exciting features are waiting!
Neil: So when did you guys launch your token @aprilpTwinci ?
April: We had an IDO on the 16th of April, the circulation now is still small Twin token can also be found on PancakeSwap ;)
Neil: Great 😊. So tell us who are your competitors and what make your project superior to your peer competitors in the same niche?
April: Well, we are actually the one and only if considering all the features that we are having and building. However, maybe we can say Rarible is a competitor when it comes to NFTs marketplace. We are new and may not have the same reputation as they have been here for a while, however I believe that in the long term, Twinci will get even further. Our Dapp is built on Binance Smart Chain, which offers interoperability, cheap transactions (When mint NFTs/ putting on sale/...) and flashing speed. It also expand the world of users by integrating social feature. While it takes up to hundred dollars to mint an NFT at Rarible, we only need gas fee. Artists can create NFTs without any thinking about the fee. And about social feature, we are creating a place to provide users with the ability to interact (by following each other, catching up with the updates from others in newsfeed, react to their NFTs), and donate tokens to their beloved ones. This is to maximize users’ interaction with the Dapp and with one another, and makes us totally different to others.
Neil: Yeah BSC is the bomb and it really makes sense for any project over ETH these days imo. 😊 What are short-term and long-term goals of Twinci in the near future ?
April: For short term, we want to reach our target of 10,000 users in May and Market cap of $100 million and complete phase 2 for the platform by July. Long term: We want to become one of the largest NFTs social networks and bring a lot of benefits to our users.
Neil: Okay so now I'd like to move us on to the next stage of the AMA by opening up the floor to our community. If you have a question you would like to ask April now is your chance. 😊
Neil: Okay wow...that was....a lot of questions 😅😅. @aprilpTwinci if you would like to choose 5 questions for the prizes first and then if there are any others you would to also answer please feel free to share your wisdom
April: I'll try to choose 3 😅 I believe we have 2 questions from Twitter
Neil: yeah okay great.
Q1: What social features are you going to launch? What lead your team to this awesome idea, Instagram on blockchain? Thanks if you answers this!!! April: Besides currents social features that Twinci provide to all users (following each other, dropping heart to favoured NFTs), here comes social features that we are going to release this June: - Catching up with the updates from others in newsfeed - Reacting to other NFTs and giving comments - Donating tokens to their beloved NFTs which helps user to increase their individual value by getting donated token - Gaming function tab
Q2: From @lalarosa511 on Twitter: Where does the project name come from? What does it mean for you and why did you choose that name for your project? April: The name Twinci originally is a combination of two factors that inspired us to make the Dapp. As you know, our Dapp is the first NFT social marketplace on BSC, which means there is social and marketplace. Twinci is made from Twitter (social element) and Da Vinci (Art element), together, we got that name
Q3: From @JasonWa88315477 on Twitter: how do you plan to attract users, incentivize them in the early stages of deployment? April: We have many great offers to attract users and incentivize them in this early stage, and it works, we have just been around since March and now we have a huge, exciting community of over 20k members on telegram and 12,7k followers on Twitter. We had and will continue doing those, such as we have make the fee of the platform to 0, making literally every can join, and there will also be a referral program for users with appealing bonus. We also have sponsored program for new artists and regular events like Wednesday NFT with the rewards $1000 every week. We’re going to have more, but let’s keep finding out one by one ;)
Q4: What steps will Twinci take in the future to become superior to other NFT platforms? April: As I mentioned in my other anwers, and would like to emphasize it again, Twinci is primarily focused on making NFTs simpler for users, and integrating social networks into the platform will be an important step forward, making it easier for users to interact with and follow artists that I love. We will be TOP1 because no Dapp has done that yet.
Q5: Twinci NFTs is so potential, especially when you are on BSC. Have you ever thought that you guys will develop gaming tab and then integrate with other your marketplace. That's would be awesome April: In the future, we will make our own gaming tab and the gaming NFT on BSC will be put on our marketplace.
Neil: Thank you for your time and all your answers April. What is the best way to follow all your upcoming news and updates ?
April: Yes! It’s our pleasure to be able to share with the community today! All the newest updates can be found at: Our official Telegram announcement: Don’t forget to join our community: Follow our Twitter at: And last but not least, our website: Thank you again for all the welcome at UpBots community! We hope both Twinci and UpBots will gain many success in the future!
Neil: Alright that is awesome. Thank you so much for coming to speak with us today. I'm excited by your project and actually the UpBots NFT Giveaway for this month 2 is being minted and hosted on Twinci. @Daniel_UpBots will share the link for that in a second. Its for the 2nd card in our 12 card completely unique collective trader type series. We hope you will all participate and try and win 😊
Daniel: For sure, guys, please stay tuned and join in this exciting event!! UpBots May NFT -
April: Please send the link for participation too ;) Great to see UpBots with our greentick on Twinci ;) Thank you and goodbye all ;) Winners please DM me.
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