Twinci RetroActive Airdrop
Hello all!
We are excited to announce our Airdrop Program with the prize pool: 11,500 TRX & 11,000 USDT πŸ’Ž
In details,
  • Top 50 participants on the leaderboards and completing the tasks most accurately will receive a $15 reward in TRX tokens
  • The next 100 lucky participants and completing the tasks most accurately will receive a $50 reward in TWIN tokens
  • Reward of 6,000 USDT in TWIN tokens will be distributed in task 2 over the next few days. Task 2 is for those who have completed correctly task 1 (please follow our social media for updates about the program)
With our $TWIN tokens you will be able to:
  • Purchase NFTs products that you like and keep them as collectibles or sell them again to generate profit
  • Create NFTs
  • Earn new reward tokens from farming program in the near future
  • Use tokens on our ecosystem (game, social,…) which is being built
  • As well as trade them on the markets
This Airdrop Program is to show our gratitude to our users for supporting us so far and also to create joining opportunities for new users.
About us: Twinci is a decentralized NFTs social networking application on blockchain where you can create, sell, and collect digital products. You can receive an unlimited amount of money through the works that people drop a heart. Twinci is on Binance Smart Chain.
What is our goal: Becoming the largest decentralized social network and sharing our profit with users.
How to participate?
  • Subscribe Twinci Official Channel​
  • Follow Twitter @twinciio​
  • Retweet the tweet using the hashtag @twinci $TWIN @binance #nfts #hiddengem and Tag 3 people
  • Get your Share Link and invite friends to participate
  • Please leave your TRC20 address
  • Please leave your BEP20 address
Try to complete as many as you can!
OR simply join by talking with the telegram bot Twinci Airdrop:πŸ•›
Mark the time: 7:30 AM, Mar. 31–9 PM May 1 (UTC)
Last modified 5mo ago
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