Twinci Intro

The first NFTs Social Marketplace on Binance Smart Chain. Create, sell and collect digital items secured with blockchain.

Highlighted features

Create NFTs & Collection

Create NFTs: you can create NFTs in single, multiple series
Unlockable content: If you want to add a link within your artwork, this enables the content to be unlocked after successful purchase.
Collection: you can create 1 NFTs collection for yourself to manage the pieces and keep a consistent style of art per collection.

Buying & Selling NFTs

You can buy official works created by your favorite artists or sell your own works.


You can generate income by selling art, earning royalties and affiliate marketing. And the creator will receive royalties whenever their NFT is sold on the market.

Interaction (Coming soon)

Interact with any art work by following, commenting and dropping a heart.

Making friends (Coming soon)

Find artists with similar viewpoints, make friends, follow and chat together.

Referral program

By introducing friends to the Dapp, buying or selling NFT, you will receive a certain amount of FOXCI tokens.
Currently users only bear gas charges when using the TWINCI platform, other current platforms are charging 2.5%.